Market Alert Helps Companies Stay Ahead Of Their Competition

The Market Alert Track Record

  • Since 1988 Market Alert has supported leading corporations with advanced competitive intelligence and mystery shopping research.
  • In addition, we are a competitive intelligence educator on behalf of university executive development programs and marketing associations.
  • Each of our consultants has over 30 years of marketing experience. They have been in your shoes, faced similar challenges, and know how to use research and intelligence to help make the right decisions.

Our Methodology

  • Our methods are deeply layered and labour intensive. We blend competitive intelligence with market research (e.g. interviews, social media listening, focus groups). We review the results with former marketing and sales professionals from the industries we are investigating for additional insights.
  • Every aspect of our research is conducted ethically and scientifically. No grey lines. No guesses. No taking chances.

Our Commitment

Market Alert never gives up until we get all the information that you requested. We don’t count the hours or finish an assignment until we have sourced, analyzed, and delivered more than enough information to fill in every one of your information gaps outlined in the proposal.

Our Process

In intelligence gathering, being well prepared, accurate and thorough is absolutely necessary. There are no short cuts.

To meet these requirements, we:

  1. Conduct pre test interviews and shops to ensure the surveys are clear, comprehensive and easy to follow.
  1. Brief and then debrief each interviewer and shopper by phone.
  1. Pursue an interactive approach. For example, at the beginning of your study, we will create a summary table. Then after each wave of intelligence gathering, we update the table with the new findings until the table is fully populated with precise, verifiable information.
  1. To keep you up to date, we provide you with 3 interim reports prior to the final reports.
  1. Carry out additional field work after the final results are presented should you require further clarification or have additional questions you want answered.

Some Of The Clients Market Alert Has Helped

Market Alert has worked with Bayer.
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