Free Workshop For First Time Users of Competitive Intelligence


This 2 hour complimentary workshop is designed for those new to competitive intelligence (CI), who want practical, easy to explanations, guidelines and tips to help them get started.

The information is drawn from more than 30 years of conducting CI research and teaching workshops.

It is not a generic presentation. Every slide will be customised to your organization’s needs.



What is Competitive Intelligence? How is it different from Marketing Research? What are the popular applications for CI? What are the essential ethical guidelines to follow?

Mistakes To Avoid

Frequent reasons why companies fall short sourcing CI, analyzing data, writing up results, communicating findings, getting colleagues to act on the CI.

Determining Your CI Needs

What are your most pressing information gaps about your competitors? What challenges are you facing filling these gaps? Tips on being more successful in addressing these needs.

Conducting Your Study

What online, internal and external sources will provide you with the best return? Tips on setting goals, developing key intelligence questions, recruiting colleagues / suppliers to help collet CI, conducting a CI interview, analysing findings, writing the report and ensuring you are providing valuable, accurate information.

Other CI Applications

What is Competitor Benchmarking? Competitor Mystery Shopping? Win Loss Analysis? Sales Battle Cards? Defensive CI? How to begin making use of these applications.

About Your Instructor

For the past 30 years David Lithwick has conducted CI workshops on behalf of marketing associations, university executive development programs, and corporations.

All of his workshops are based on his experiences helping clients set up their CI program and conducting CI studies.

Additionally he authored, “Competitive Intelligence Manual for Marketing Practitioners”; the first CI manual developed for Canadian marketing research professionals and has written over 75 articles on Competitive Intelligence and Mystery Shopping.