We are competitive intelligence consultants who use client-approved interviewing methods and market tested analytics to provide 5 essential competitive intelligence services:

1. Tactical Competitive Intelligence

  • Our competitive intelligence consultants get down to the weeds to give you the information you need to know about your competitors’ strategies, pipeline, operations and structure.
  • This includes gathering competitive intelligence on your competitor’s product launches, pricing, sales training, organizational charts, promotion events and marketing spend.

2. Competitor Benchmarking

We will benchmark your messaging, product features, product benefits, pricing, incentives, sales delivery, social media initiatives and turnaround against your competitors, so you can adapt their best practices and leverage their weaknesses.

3. Market Opportunity Assessments

  • When you’re considering entering into a new market, we can help you assess the opportunities/hidden risks and understand the implications for your business and objectives.
  • With findings from this research, you will be better equipped to strategically focus your marketing, sales, and product development efforts to best succeed in this market. You will also gain insight into how you stack up against the competition.

4. Win/Loss Analysis

By reaching out to your lapsed customers and competitors we will uncover specific deal factors that are causing your customers to choose the competition, and where you need to focus your efforts to score victories.

5. Sales Battlecards

Our sales battle cards will help your sales team deliver better pitches. How?

We create customized sales battle cards comparing your company’s customer value proposition, product, service, features, advantages, pricing and customer support to your competitors. And by doing so, pinpoint how you surpass them in crucial areas of performance and value.

In other words with all the information in one place, your sales team can focus on pitching rather than researching. And they won’t be blindsided when a prospective customer counters with a competitor’s value proposition.

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