Our track record is measured by completing over 100 studies covering a range of sectors including human resources, industrial, non profit, packaged goods, professional services, telecom, transportation and utilities.

For these assignments we uncover and analyze information that traditional market research firms are unable to provide, such as reconstructing competitor market share data and uncovering competitor test markets.

In These Studies We Often Blend The Following Research Methods
To Generate Deeper Analysis And Greater Understanding

Competitive Intelligence Expertise: a man draws a target on a digital screen.

1. Association Interviews

2. Competitor Interviews

3. Competitor Customer Interviews

4. Industry Expert Interviews

5. Mystery Shopping

6. Online Research

Our Competitive Intelligence Expertise: Examples of Studies



Determine why a number of Canada Post and Shoppers Drug Mart staff are not promoting the client’s new shipping service or following the labeling and merchandising support guidelines.


Human Resources:

Obtain firsthand knowledge of where the client’s competitors fall short during sales delivery, sign up and maintenance process.


Not For Profit:

Conduct competitor interviews and mystery shops to obtain a greater understanding of what the client’s competitors are doing to improve their thought leadership, director placement, education and membership services.


Packaged Goods:

Uncover overspending and production inefficiencies of the client’s direct marketing agency.



Understand the tactics of how competitors drive a higher average revenue/customer than the client.

Client Feedback

“I have had the opportunity to retain Market Alert for several projects related to market intelligence and customer and marketing insights. Their team was always professional, dedicated, attentive and delivered beyond expectation. I have always appreciated their ability to quickly cut through and key in on what really matters, and to look at issues from new and useful angles.”

Christian Buhagiar President and Chief – Restaurants Canada

“Market Alert are the consummate professionals. They deliver great value with high quality information and always have the client’s interest first and foremost. Always a pleasure to work with.”

Tony Lee, Strategic Philanthropy Lead, Perimeter Institute ·