We Are Market Tested

We have more than 30 years experience providing competitive intelligence and mystery shopping support to over 70 industry leaders.

We Dig Deep, Very Deep

  • Our information gathering and analysis is multi – layered and labour intensive unlike the ‘template’ approach that larger marketing research providers use.
  • We blend competitive intelligence and mystery shopping with market research (e.g. interviews, social media listening, focus groups). And then review the results with former marketing and business professionals from those industries we are investigating for additional insights.

We Are Educators

  • We have lectured on competitive intelligence at leading university executive programs and marketing associations.
  • We leverage this learning to create a broader understanding to the results we provide.

Our Interviewers And Shoppers Are Experts

  • We will recruit interviewers and shoppers who have or are working in the market sector we are researching.
  • For example, in healthcare CI, we use pharmacists and former pharma sales representatives to conduct medical interviews. And for bank mystery shops, we use accountants, former financial advisors, and high net worth investors among other professionals to conduct the shops.