In Depth Mystery Shopping Support

Our consumer and Business to Business mystery shopping support is designed for more complicated assignments such as:

  • Assessing your staff’s buy in, product knowledge, information sharing and sales delivery against your competitors
  • Determining your staff’s compliance in following new procedures , training protocols and government regulations
  • Uncovering critical gaps in your onboarding process
  • Updating your sales training and marketing messages against key competitor proof points
  • Identifying quick win opportunities that you can implement to improve your Net Promoter Scores

The Market Alert Difference

We go a step further by blending customer interviews, customer journey mapping and Net Promoter Scores with your mystery shop findings.

This creates a higher level of analysis, strategic insight and recommendations.

See what we offer that the mainstream mystery shopping suppliers do not:

Market Alert Ltd.Mainstream Providers
Provide you with a detailed profile (e.g. gender, age, location, occupation, household income, etc.)
of the shoppers assigned to your study, pretest results and a draft shopper survey.
Brief each shopper by phone to ensure they fully understand what is expected of them and answer
any questions they have. And then debrief them after they submitted their survey to obtain further insights.
Field Work
The research consultant assigned to managing your study will themselves complete several shops
to gain first hand direct experience to draw from when writing up the results.
In addition to an overall report, we provide individual reports for each outlet (or staff person) shopped.
The individual reports contain a summary of findings, specific recommendations, and completed surveys.
We also offer the option for you to speak directly to the shoppers.