1. Don’t be constrained by only collecting information that is in the public domain. Go below the radar screen.

    • Why? There are plenty of ethical approaches to uncover critical CI that lie outside the public domain. Focus groups and B2B interviews are 2 examples.


  1. Don’t waste time coming up with the perfect definition for “Competitive Intelligence” . 
    • Why? There is none. “Competitive Intelligence” is often interchanged with “Business Intelligence” and “Market Intelligence”, making the concept even more ambiguous.


  1. For every hour you collect CI, spend no less than 5 hours analyzing your data.

    • Why? It’s your analysis and interpretation of findings that will matter, not the complex approach you undertake to get this information


  1. The last source to go to is the competitor. 
    • Why? Contacting other sources first (e.g. sales reps, customers,) will generate insights to help you fine tune your questions to ask the competitor.