With the trend to mergers and obtaining Federal status, credit unions are intensifying efforts to grow their member base. However, an impediment to this goal is the frustration experienced by some potential members when trying to schedule an appointment.

Listed below are 8 examples (i.e., “Pain Points”) underscoring the issue. (Findings are based on shopping 25 credit unions in the past three years.)

Pain Point

  1. Not be able to get through, because there is no menu number for non-members to press.
  2. Not getting their call returned.
  3. Being put on hold for over 20 minutes.
  4. Being told that no one is available to meet until the following week.
  5. Having difficulty understanding the staff person.
  6. Staff person acting unprofessional (e.g., rushing, hanging up on shopper)
  7. Being unable to book appointment, because the staff person does not have access to the advisor’s calendar.
  8. Not scheduling an appointment with a branch closer to where the shopper lives.


  • Mentioned most is the absence of a menu number for non-members to press. Some shoppers ended up pressing “O” 6 or 7 times to get through to a live voice.
  • Not getting their call returned ranked 2nd. Either the shopper did not get a call back after leaving a message or were told by the contact centre that the branch would call them to arrange an appointment, but no one did.
  • Being put on hold for more than 20 minutes followed. Frustration was compounded because some shoppers could not leave their number for a call back.
  • Having to wait a week for an appointment ranked 4th. Shoppers questioned why the branch manager or assistant manager could not take the appointment.
  • Speaking to staff who were hard to understand (e.g. poor reception, accent, rushing) came in next.
  • Following this was speaking to unprofessional staff persons. Some, in fact, were clearly rude.
  • The remaining issues (unable to book because staff person dis not have access to advisor’s calendar and not scheduling an appointment with a branch closer to the shopper) point to a lack of organization.


Making it easy for those potential customers to schedule an appointment by phone should be a “given.” Reducing the incidence of the 8 pain points outlined above will put you are on the right track to achieve this goal.