Financial market communications during COVID-19

It is important for companies to share insights about how they are handling the current COVID-19 epidemic. However, some companies seem to be excessively repeating the measures they’re taking to ensure the safety of their customers and employees rather than sharing what they are doing to benefit the client during these challenging times.

For example, I personally received 4 emails in the past 3 weeks from my telecom provider with a similar “This is what we are doing to ensure safety” COVID-19 message.

Others have broken away from these over-played messages by detailing how they are directly helping clients manage their financial portfolios during these turbulent times.

One outstanding example is Investors Group. With so much at stake in asset holdings, the Investors Group’s website messaging on COVID-19 saw the need to be original, informative and uplifting.

Investors Group COVID-19 messaging
Investors Group COVID-19 “Market Volatility Update” video series.
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Investors Group

  1. The page heading, “Helping you navigate uncertain times and stay focused on long-term goals”, is a refreshing change. It brings a sense of control during a chaotic period.
  2. This message is reinforced by the Investors Groups’ EVP’s “Market Volatility Update” video with uplifting comments such as, “Equity markets will recover at lightning speed as the coronavirus slows down from its peak.”
  3. The 2nd Investors Group’s video, “Recent Market Volatility” makes excellent use of historical charts to demonstrate that markets have always rebounded after a downturn.
  4. Investors Group also set up a variety of helpful resources for their clients which will help them manage their financials during the epidemic.

Lesson Learned from the Investors Group’s COVID-19 Messaging

Reassuring customers and employees that they are safe is now common practice within most industries and organizations.

To break away from this model, let the customer know what you can do for them that will make their lives easier during the epidemic. For example, consider informing customers of a new and beneficial offering that you are providing that will help them during the COVID-19 pandemic. Optimism is a key benefit to offer.