In order to manage CI client expectations, the first step is having the stakeholder complete a CI Brief which is explained below.

manage a CI client expectations

A CI Brief serves a number of purposes including:

  • Clarifies what their expectations are
  • Spells out the research goals, competitors to investigate, topics to address among other critical elements
  • Gets them to agree to a list of “Must Know Questions – that will form the basis of the investigation
  • Provides you with more insight into the competitor products to be research and the landscape to assess
  • Additionally, it instills confidence in your ability to deliver, because you are taking a leadership role from the get go

Below is an example of a brief that a pharmaceutical company would complete:


Name of Company:  Shira Pharmaceuticals
Focus: Generic Threat
Date:  Feb. 10, 2016

Goals or Outcomes: What must this investigation achieve?
Provide insight to the likelihood of a generic launch of an oral ADHD medication.

Competitor Threats: Why does this competitor pose a threat?
Our product Resdex, accounts for 45% of the market or approx. $65MM in annual sales for us
With an introduction of a generic product, our sales will decrease dramatically, as much as 85% loss.

Results: Who will be using the results?
 Director of Sales, Market Manager, VP of Medication Delivery.

Decisions: What decisions will be made with the results?
Whether to reduce marketing support behind Resdex’s sales support, patient support programs, and Community Health Events.

 Size: How big is this market in Canada?
Approximately $145MM… With the recent emphasis on adult ADHD, we expect the ADHD market to grow 10% to 15% per year for the next 5 years.

Leadership: What will your role be in this assignment?
Provide CI supplier with internal data, make sure milestones are met and report findings o stakeholders.

Competitors: Which competitor(s) are to be investigated?
 Novopharm, Teva and Ratiopharm

“Must Know”: What questions are to be answered?

  1. Have they filed for approval of a generic version of Resdex?
  2. When did they file, if “Yes”?
  3. What do they plan to, if “No”?
  4. If not, why?
  5. When do they anticipate getting approval?
  6. What delays (e.g. not being able to meet Health Canada guidelines, production issues, etc.) if any have they ran into?

What internal information (if any) do you have to pass on to us?
Regional market volume data and contact info from LinkedIn.

Internal Resources: Which groups within your company are we able to interview for insights?
Sales Rep, Medical Science Liaison Reps and Key Account Managers.

Due Date: What is your due date?
March 5, 2016