Business people on snails, racing against one another.


In 30 years of helping organizations set up Competitive Intelligence (CI) programs, I learned quite a bit as to what works and more importantly what doesn’t. One thing that stands out is Competitive Intelligence programs often become the “Flavour of the Month” and then forgotten.

With this in mind, I’ve listed 10 tips to improve your chances for a successful, ongoing competitive intelligence program.

10 Competitive Intelligence Tips

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Competitive intelligence, whether completing a one-off study or running a full-time program is all about BALANCE.

If you push your competitor too hard for information, you will risk tipping them off. If you bring in too many people to source competitive intelligence, you will, without question, be saturated with incomplete, inaccurate and uncorroborated information. And if you aim to generate a report every 3 weeks vs every 3 months, you will, without doubt, face reader wear out.