These innovative approaches caught our eye when we recently mystery-shopped 16 credit unions:

  1. ATMs are wiped every 30 minutes; plastic partitions every 60 minutes. 

  2. Recognition award given to a branch who made an outstanding effort to keep their branch safe.

  3. Disposable masks are available to members.
“Digital Banking”
  1. Branch staff call elderly members, to see if they need help with online banking.
  1. Branch staff approach members using the ATM to show how the Interactive Teller Machine works.
  1. Biz size cards, “Call Our Resource Centre for Help with Digital Banking” displayed in front of tellers.
  1. Tellers wear buttons, “Ask me about digital banking, we’re here to help”.
  1. Contact centre consultants help members, through virtual appointments, to apply for loans, purchase investments and complete other transactions.

  1. Tips to help members adjust their budgets during COVID and to avoid COVID related scams.
  1. COVID FAQs are drilled down to 3 (“Our we offering any financial assistance at this time?”, “How can I access the relief offerings?”, “Are new members eligible for these offerings?”)