Mystery shopping for banks


In response to COVID-19, two significant developments are the extensive efforts by financial institutions to:

       1) Set a COVID preparedness plan in order to ensure customer safety, and

       2) Encourage customers to do more digital banking.

What this means is that previous measures to determine whether a branch is meeting their bank’s service standards now include COVID-19 safety compliance and increased adaptation of digital banking. 

Question Examples for Mystery Shopping Banks

You have been tasked to assess how successful your branches are meeting these new standards through a mystery shopping for banks program. What questions would you have your mystery shoppers answer?


Wrap Up

To assess a branch’s COVID preparedness or effort to promote digital banking:

(a) Traditional market research may not necessarily give you the details you need for training, while online customer feedback will be anecdotal at best.

(b) Mystery shopping for banks, on the other hand, will provide the details you need in a timely manner, so you can quickly identify which branches need training and in what areas.