Competitive Intelligence during COVID-19 Pandemic

Competitive Intelligence During COVID-19

Best Practices Identified During COVID-19 Mystery Shopping: Canadian Tire: No delay in ordering / picking up merchandise What happened: L.L.Bean: Making it extremely easy to return clothing What happened: Worst Practices Identified During COVID-19 Mystery Shopping: No Frills: Lack of floor staff results in over-stressed cashiers reacting rudely to customers What happened: Staples: Contact centre not taking calls What happened:

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Investors Group – An Example of Innovative COVID-19 Messaging

Investors Group The page heading, “Helping you navigate uncertain times and stay focused on long-term goals”, is a refreshing change. It brings a sense of control during a chaotic period. This message is reinforced by the Investors Groups’ EVP’s “Market Volatility Update” video with uplifting comments such as, “Equity markets will recover at lightning speed as the coronavirus slows down from its peak.” The 2nd Investors Group’s video, “Recent Market Volatility” makes excellent use of historical charts to demonstrate that markets have always rebounded after a downturn. Investors Group also set up a variety of helpful resources for their clients which will help them manage their financials during the epidemic.… Read More

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